Dating back to the mid 18th Century, the Waltz is the oldest of the Ballroom Dances.

The Waltz developed from the Viennese Waltz, which is much faster. The English Waltz, as it is known, incorporates fewer turns with more forward and backward movements in between, therefore you should not become dizzy. The variety of moves allows you to manoeuvre around other couples on the floor.

The Waltz is an elegant dance. The use of good footwork and leg action will allow rise and fall, enhancing the dance and allowing good movement to help you glide around the floor.

The hold should be firm but relaxed, the man/leader creates a frame for the lady/follower.

The Waltz is often considered for Wedding Dances, but you should take in to consideration the size of the dance floor to be used as this dance needs a bigger floor.

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