There are many styles of this dance – Rock Basic (Authentic 50s style), Flick Basic, Tap Basic, Swing, Lindy Hop & Jitterbug.
We choose to teach the 50s style, as this is the easiest basic to learn and is the most useful style on a crowded floor at parties and social dances.

Rock & Roll developed in America from Swing. It became very popular in the 1950s, particularly with the teenagers of the day and is still very popular today.

Kicks, Flicks, Lifts, Jumps & Throws can be incorporated. If individual students wish to include these then they can be covered in private lessons, but these moves are not recommended on busy dance floors. Individual ability and safety would be taken into consideration before our teachers would show them to you.

Acrobatic Rock & Roll incorporates Lifts, Jumps and Throws; these require skill and stamina and are not recommended in a social setting.

For the musicians amongst you, the Rock & Roll basic is danced over a bar and a half of music, which initially can seem confusing. The count we tend to use is Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick (Slow = 2 beats, Quick = 1 beat)

Other classes available – see timetable.

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