staff at gemini dance studio in christmas outfitsThe first level of qualification a dance teacher takes is Associate. This exam is partially on your dancing ability and partially on Technique and Theory and also on Teaching Ability. Once you have been an Associate for two years the next level is Member or Licentiate. The Member/Licentiate exam is very similar to Associate but there are more variations (steps) that have to be studied therefore, much more technique needs to be studied. You used to have to have been a Member/Licentiate for 5 years before you could become a Fellow, this has changed to 3 years. The syllabus for Fellowship is vast and teaching ability is taken in to account as well as technique and theory to a much higher standard. The examination is overseen by two examiners. It is essential that the teacher knows both the man’s and lady’s steps, leading and following, as well as body position, posture and movement, how to identify and rectify problems.

To become an examiner you have to have at least two Fellowships in what are considered to be the major branches and be requested to apply by the Dance teaching association of which you are a Fellow.