gemini dance studio staffThe first level of qualification a dance teacher takes is Associate. This exam is partially on your dancing ability and partially on Technique and Theory and also on Teaching Ability. Once you have been an Associate for two years the next level is Member or Licentiate. The Member/Licentiate exam is very similar to Associate but there are more variations (steps) that have to be studied therefore, much more technique needs to be studied. You used to have to have been a Member/Licentiate for 5 years before you could become a Fellow, this has changed to 3 years. The syllabus for Fellowship is vast and teaching ability is taken in to account as well as technique and theory to a much higher standard. The examination is overseen by two examiners. It is essential that the teacher knows both the man’s and lady’s steps, leading and following, as well as body position, posture and movement, how to identify and rectify problems.

To become an examiner you have to have at least two Fellowships in what are considered to be the major branches and be requested to apply by the Dance teaching association of which you are a Fellow.



Helen started Old Time dancing at the age of 10.  She went on to become a competitor and was South West of England Junior Old Time Champion.  In 1990 she joined Chris to train for her teaching qualifications in Ballroom and Latin American as well as Old Time and Rock & Roll.  After taking a short break to produce two lovely children she took her qualifications.  Since 1997 Helen has been Chris' right hand.




Val started Ballroom & Latin American dancing at the age of 6 in Cambridge. Working her way through the medal system over the next few years. In 1975 she moved to Ely and was dancing 4 nights a week after school.  When her family moved to Norfolk when she was 12 she started competing, winning many trophies over the 4 year partnership. Like Chris, she took medals dancing as man as well as lady, always good training for a future teacher. In 1991 Val qualified with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. After a move to Cornwall and a break to have 2 lovely children, Val contacted Chris just before Christmas 2007 and joined the staff of The Gemini Dance Studios in January 2008.



Roger started dancing in 1996.  After a number of years as a competitor he felt it was time for a change of direction to help others get the enjoyment and friendship out of dancing that he has.

As currently the only male assistant he is a very popular and busy member of staff.

Although Heather has not been dancing as long as the others, she is a Secondary School teacher and has a natural ability to help others and thoroughly enjoys herself.


Wendy started dancing at the age of 9, taking medal tests and competing in local competitions. She enrolled in one of Chris's classes in 2004 and has been with her ever since.

She joined the Gemini staff in January 2012. Then after taking a 12 month break to spend some time living in Spain, she rejoined Chris's team in March 2015 and is now studying for her professional teaching qualifications.

Wendy has been able to utilize her skills as an Approved Driving Instructor to encourage pupils at the Gemini Dance Studios in a constructive, patient and positive manner.


Heidi started beginner's classes with Chris in 2001. She has taken medals in Ballroom & Latin. Heidi has 3 children and is a part time primary school teacher, with responsibility for children who have special needs. She is herself dyslexic and, amongst other things, can't tell her left from her right. She sees this as just one of her strengths. As a result of this she has adapted to find other ways to learn which have helped the other members of staff adapt to help pupils with similar difficulties. Heidi loves the challange of helping others that struggle, for whatever reason, to find ways to learn effectively.


Sophie began learning to dance with Christine at the age of 6 after being introduced to it by her grandparents. It very quickly became her passion; she progressed through the medal system and competed all over the UK. She is particularly proud to have competed at the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom. 

Sophie returned to help with classes at the end of 2013 and after a short break again to have her son is currently studying for her professional dance teaching qualifications.